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Using the Evolutionary Astrology method of chart understanding, I explore the deep aspects and dynamics of the soul and how it experiences its lives across time. This tool gives the ability to see the blueprint of any soul’s journey and to pinpoint, with incredible accuracy, what aspects of the soul needs reintegration and energy clearing.

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Learn Your Chart

This 2 part experience includes a video explanation of each individual aspect in your birth chart. 1 video for each planetary house and sign placement in your chart, including nodes of the moon + nodal rulers. This is sent to you in a beautifully presented PDF, full of tools to help you understand the archetypes and most importantly YOUR CHART. Once you have digested the information you will have a 90 minute personal discussion to synthesize and understand the chart from a holistic perspective.

Reading/ Guidance Session (LIVE)

The core intention for this reading is to use the astrology to empower the Soul by identifying, working through and liberating it from self-defeating karmic patterns. This discussion will be tailored to your specific needs and desires, whether it's an astrological reading, guidance session, life direction, transits asteroids solar return or other.It's about Re-Alignment. A Powerful reading!

Relationship Reading (Live)

This is geared to help you understand the deepest aspects of your relationship. Your karma, what you are teaching each other, the difficulties you might face and how to overcome them. This is wonderful for relationships at any stage.

Astrology Reading - Mp4 Recording with chart illustration

I explore the karmic patterns and themes of your life, then share ideas on how to move forwards and make the best choices for yourself. The appointment scheduler requires a date/time to add the booking to my calendar. Just choose the earliest available.

Astrology Courses

Evolutionary Astrology Foundation Course

Learn the Sacred Language of the Universe

Intermediate Astrology Course

Learn the Mechanics of the Sacred Language