The intention of this unique experience is to act as a reminder and to inspire you to open yourself up to the real story you are walking and to bring yourself into your life with intention. Using your unique blueprint seen through the powerful tool of evolutionary astrology, you will be able to learn to understand your yourself and your life in a deeper way through knowing how interconnected you are with the universe. By creating a deep relationship to your own inner navigation and life signature you will have the opportunity to be empowered and self-directed. Knowing thyself is the ultimate key to transmutation.

This is a two part experience which includes a video explanation of the evolutionary intention of each individual aspect in your birth chart

One video for each planetary house and sign placement in your chart, including the nodes of the moon and nodal rulers. This is sent to you in a beautifully presented PDF full of information and tools to help you understand the archetypes and most importantly YOUR CHART. Once you have had time to digest the information, you will have a 90 minute personal discussion with Simon to synthesize and understand the chart from a holistic perspective with aspects and phases.