Learn the Sacred Language of the Universe

The Course Includes

6 hours of visually presented home study video material on the 12 Astrological archetypes, Pluto, the Nodes of the Moon and Nodal Rulers from an Evolutionary Perspective.

6 x 90min Live Online Interactive Classes Practice & Chart interpretation

Access to private study group where you are able to post charts, practice and ask questions for support during and after the duration of the course.

Upon completing this course you will be able to actually see karmic stories in birth charts.
My intention is to empower  you to see the astrology in your life and to give you the understanding needed to read charts.

The course will be based on understanding the signs and symbols as human archetypes. A big part of the class will be about learning how to understand and identify the symbols from an intuitive place within yourself. So moving away from needing to remember mental (Gemini) descriptions of signs etc. This is important as the astrology is an intuitive (Sagittarius) experience, best understood through an inner sense or feeling (Neptune).

We will look at the primary karmic axis of the chart (Pluto, South node, South node ruler, north node, north node ruler) which reveals the core dynamics of a birth chart from the past to present and future.

Additional Information

  • The  course will be held via an easy to use online meeting program.
  • Participation in the classes is voluntary. Those who choose to study independently may email their questions and Simon will answer them in the following class.
  • All classes will be recorded and sent to each participant/student.
  • The video material is also available to purchase individually for instant download