Simon is an Evolutionary Astrologer. Using the Evolutionary Astrology method of chart understanding, based on the original teachings from Jeffery Wolf Green, he explores the deep aspects and dynamics of the soul and how it experiences its lives across time. He looks at all aspect of the chart and through the symbolism of Pluto uncovers the answers to “Why I am here?” and “What are my lessons?”

His role as a father has influenced his spiritual path incredibly. Much of his personal journey is about healing the wounded masculine archetype. What he reflects in his own journey is of self-healing and self-actualization. He is a writer for a very influential online information source called Wake up World. This amazing opportunity has brought his soul’s journey into total alignment. Working alongside his partner & co-founder of Raising Vibrations, and being fully present with his children as they are growing up, while helping and guiding so many souls along this awakening experience, is truly amazing. He feels truly blessed.

His main aim, as he integrates his soul’s path into the collective consciousness of humanity, is to bring back the awareness of what and who we truly are; Inter-Dimensional & Multi-Dimensional beings experiencing ourselves as humans on the path of aligned unity consciousness and its connection to the soul’s journey. Using his direct experiences, the knowledge of the zodiac and with the help of other awakened beings, we bring about the return of Christ state consciousness.

His role as an evolutionary astrologer brings about a unique perspective in seeing a soul’s journey across time. This tool gives the ability to see the blueprint of any soul’s journey and to pinpoint, with incredible accuracy, what aspects of the soul needs reintegration and energy clearing.