The Metamorphosis Program is an initiation to living a life that reflects your true nature and deepest soul desires. 

In this process you have my entire focus. I teach you deep metaphysical and transformational concepts in a grounded and relatable way. We directly confront any dis-empowering psychological conditioning and begin to heal and align yourself with natural law. This is a program aimed for those who are serious about gaining control of their human vehicle and who are wanting to navigate, teach and guide others through becoming a living example of authenticity embodied. This is an invitation to become your own spiritual warrior, to awaken the sacredness in you and to activate your blueprint.
I aim to deeply empower you through this process, I will be direct and open with you. Part of the path to your empowerment is seeing through our illusions. This will both be a test for me and you an we will, during this year process, confront, gain understanding about and shatter outdated beliefs and ideals about what you think you should be doing verses what is actually available for you.My commitment to you is to do everything that I have available to me to help you become the greatest you. This is an intense program that will ultimately lead to empowering you along this earth journey. This process is not a quick fix tool but we will, by the end you will be ready to embrace life head on.

Program outline and setup

Initiation of Metamorphosis                                                                                                                            Assimilation and Integration

1 meeting per week for 3 months                                                                                                                 1 meeting per month for 9 months

During each meeting, I will provide you with tasks specifically tailored to your empowerment needs. I will also send you video teachings and presentations to help you through this process throughout the year.

You will have access to a member support group, which holds those who have progressed through this before you, as well as those who are currently going through the metamorphosis program alongside yourself. You will have access to an online meeting room, as well as an open discussion board for sharing, connecting and support. There will also be an option of group meetings and teachings throughout the year.

You will also have free access to all webinars and workshops that I hold, as you will be closely following my own progress and growth as well. As my own and awareness expands I will share these insights with you.

During the entire process I offer personal email support.


Phase 1 – 1600 USD  and  Phase 2 – 1600 USD
I can also accommodate monthly or bi-weekly payment plans

If you would like to commit to the whole year process in advance it will be offered at a reduced price of  3000 USD

I can only offer this program to a maximum of 7 souls at a time due to the nature of the work and energy commitment from myself.

If you feel that this program might be for you please contact me so that we can set up a meeting to discuss the details. Send Email